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Why Manage88?

We choose Manage88 as our domain name due to the following reasons:


1. Manage is to reflect the Action of the
essential Function to establish
a successful Organization or an Enterprise,
and in Western Countries the word MANAGE
in Management Activities is always
associated with Scientific Management.


2. 88 means 8x8=64,
is the oldest Chinese Risk Management Philosophy,
Classic of Changes (I Ching 易經),
which described fully the studies of Change
and is an ancient Study of Risk Management.
In modern time, to make CHANGES in something established,
especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products, is


3. According to Concepts of the
Western Mainstream Management Practice
and Ancient Oriental Management Research,
we decided to apply Corporate Social Responsibility
as our Management Philosophy and Culture
as well as the basis to develop our Core Values.

In the process of creating www.manage88.com,
we really have created
an Innovation Management Consulting Service Model,
Achievement Strategy Advisory Platform,
as well as Value Co-Creation Platform,
Corporate Social Responsibility
has therefore become our Core Principle of Service!



If readers would like to learn more, please keep in contact with us:

Tel.(852) 9255 9073



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