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About Us

We see a World of Peace & Prosperity, as every Government can guide and support Enterprises to achieve Sustainable Success, so that People on the Globe can live a comfortable or even well-off life.

As a Commitment to make our Vision come true, we provide Enterprises and Individuals tailored Management Consulting Service and support them to achieve Sustainable Success.

We will advise and guide them how to achieve:

1/ Sustainable Finance;

2/ Effective Management Standard:

3/ Holistic Risk Management:

4/ Independent Innovation;

5/ Dynamic Transformation Leadership;

6/ Focused-Action & Strategic Knowledge Management;

7/ Globalization.

1/ Sustainable Finance

To enhance Economic Competitiveness, Earning Power, Wealth-Creation Ability, Sustainable Finance is one of the vital Elements. Finance Management for Sustainability Development is the most important Management Function in Modern Management. Our Innovation Mechanism for Sustainable Success (IMSS) can guide Government Organizations, Enterprises and Individuals to develop Sustainable Finance Management Systems

2/ Effective Management Standard

A Culture of Management Performance Effectiveness Assurance is inevitable for Sustainable Success. This applies to Government Organizations, Enterprises as well as Individuals. The simplest and best approach is to develop an Effective Management Standard. We are experts in consulting people how to achieve this goal.

3/ Holistic Risk Management

You must work with Holistic Risk Management or will face Total Failure. People not know this fact and are not practicing it accordingly, will face a Destiny of Failure sooner or later. Opportunities are built in Holistic Risk Management. Our Holistic Action-Focused Management Approach (HMA) will guide you how to develop your own Holistic Risk Management Systems.

4/ Independent Innovation

To be able to develop unique, effective, innovative, powerful, profitable, positive Management and Operational System for Production, Marketing, Finance and other Functions, so as to achieve Independent Innovation, is one of the very important Objectives of our Professional Management Consulting Service (PMCS).

5/ Dynamic Transformation Leadership

If modern Government Organizations, Enterprises, and Individuals want to achieve Sustainable Success, Effective Leadership Quotient is a Key Factor which they must possess. This means Dynamic and Transformation Leadership! Our PMCS based one our IMSS, will help people to learn and master the secret of how to achieve Dynamic Transformation Leadersip.

6/ Focused-Action & Strategic Knowledge Management

To put Knowledge Management into effective practice, you must use it with your Strategies Development Process and your Strategies must be Action-Focused. When advising clients to develop this Function, we also provide them the correct approach to make Strategies.

7/ Globalization

Topics 1 through 6 listed above are the Key Elements concerning true Globalization. As you now are aware of what we are advising our clients, you may also understand the fact that the Process of Globalization is not a simple matter. Clients who have received our Professional Management Consulting Service (PMCS) will possess a basic platform to strengthen their Capabilities or Abilities to achieve Globalization. Globalization is a Evolution Process in the 21st Century.


About Us

www.manag88.com is an Action Strategy Advisory Platform (ASAP), developed by Management Consultants, Commercial and Investment Bankers, Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Head-Hunters, I.T. Experts, Project Management Experts, Property Development Consultants, Building Construction Engineers, Funds Managers, Surveyors, Sponsors, Corporate Finance Consultants, IPO Consultants, Asset Valuers, Leadership & Management Coaches, Business Innovation, Upgrading & Transformation Advisors.

Behind our Group, there are International Banks, Investment Banks, Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Investment Funds, I.T. Companies, Construction Companies, Property Management Firms, Public Relations Companies, Property Agencies and Insurance Companies.

Our Founders and Co-Founders possess more than 20 to 40 years experience in their fields of Businesses. They have been Founders and Top Management Executives of International Banks, Global Investment Funds, Investment Banks, I.T. Companies, and Listed Companies of various Industries.


If readers would like to learn more, please keep in contact with us:
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