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Individual Wealth-Creation Ability Enhancement

We provide Professional Training and Coaching Service to individuals who would like to or are asked to learn the ways to enhance their Ability of Wealth-Creation. Participants in our Training and Coaching Programs will have opportunities to learn how to strengthen:

(1) Power of Innovation;
(2) Power of Earning;
(3) Economic Competitiveness;
(4) Value Creation;
(5) Value Co-Creation;
(6) Leadership Quotient:
(7) Strategic Thinking;
(8) Top Management Thinking;
(9) Strategic Decision Making;
(10)Dynamic Transformation Leadership;
(11)Strategic Human Resources Management;
(12)Focused-Action & Strategic Knowledge Management;
(13)Sustainable Finance;
(14)Management Effectiveness Standardization;
(15)Holistic Risk Prevention & Control Management;
(16)Independent Innovation;
(17)Strategic Management Performance Assessment;
(18)Strategic Resources Management
(21)Items listed in our: Professional Management Consulting Service Items (Home Page) :
(Participants can select or request part of these items.)

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Country, City & Economic Zones Economic Competitiveness Enhancement
Enterprise Earning Power Enhancement Management
Individual Wealth-Creation Ability Enhancement
Leadership Quotient & Performance Ability Enhancement
21st Century Strategic Management
Value Co-Creation Knowledge Management
Top Management
Business Management
Finance Management
Assessment Management
Information Management
Resources Management
Accounting & Taxation
Promotion & Events Management
Trade Finance
Project Finance & Management
Property, Hotels and Assets Management & Dealings
IPO (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
IPO (Stock Exchanges in China & Other Countries)
China Trade
Overseas Chinese Talents China Business Establishment
Overseas Companies Business Development in Hong Kong, Macau & China
China Banking & Financial Institutions Establishment
Senior Business Executive Coaching & Consulting
Banking Executive (Direct Investment & Corporate Finance) Coaching & Consulting

The following article is one of the many Methodologies we have developed in our Professional Management Advisory System. (To read more, please click here.)

(Note1: This is just one of the reference samples for the serious readers.)
(Note2: These are some of our Training Materials. You may take time to read, if you want to learn some very important information about modern management, which may not be available in the traditional education systems of business and management.)

Leadership Quotientt & Strategic Thinking for Wealth-Creation


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