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Individual Wealth-Creation Ability Enhancement

Leadership Quotient and Strategic Thinking
for Strengthening Wealth-Creation Ability

We share with people our experience in Management, and we would like to start with the following two questions :

(1) How to establish Holistic Action Strategy, so that Leaders can monitor processes and take corrective and preventive actions to achieve effective results?

(2) Are there Methodologies to accelerate an Enterprise's Profit Growth, to support the Enterprise's Business Development to go better and faster?

You may also refer to Government Organization and Enterprise to view the answers.

For more information, please refer to: Top Management, Business Management, Finance Management,
Assessment Management, Information Management and Resources Management.
(We call this Core Holistic Management Framework: To Be FAIR!)

The following Information we share with you is exactly the same as we published under Organization, and this page is the core training materials of our various training programs and courses.

Holistic Action-Focus Approach (HAFA)

If Strategy Planning is not Holistic, Management Functions cannot work as a Team. Without genuine Teamwork, the Function of Top Management Systems will be very difficult to carried out.

Success of Top Management Function depends heavily on Strategy Planning, according to which Actions are to be taken by the Team. We have designed Holistic Action-Focus Approach (HAFA) which would be appropriate to enhance the Leaders’ Management Performance.

HAFA is a Leadership Holistic Action Strategy Development Methodology. Its process can be divided into 3 stages:

(1) To develop management functions to support leaders to perform their Top Management duties.

(2) To establish a mode of communication, which is a cross-functional management mechanism and able to meet a wide range of compliance requirements.

(3) to develop tactical objectives to support the achievement of strategic goals.

HAFA execution process can further be explained in the following diagrams and images:


#1 HAFA is composed of 6 Core Management Functions, namely, Top Management (the Leaders), Business Management, Finance Management, Assessment Management, Information Management and Resources Management. This Core Functional Mechanism can also build a comprehensive Risk Management System. The next step is to add other Specialized Functions to it.

#2 Leaders are like Conductors of Orchestras. The latter will select the right musicians to join their teams, and then lead, manage, organize, direct, oversee and ensure that these team members can achieve their duties harmoniously together. By conducting music together to co-create values, the musicians of an Orchestra can produce beautiful music and demonstrate the power of Independent Innovation.


#3 HAFA provides a simple Methodology to build a complicated and sophisticated Communication Mechanism involving Teamwork. The contribution of each Management Function is equally important.
HAFA is a Dynamic Framework to promote Value-Co-Creation, Independent Innovation, Knowledge Mining, Learning Organization, System Thinking as well as Internal Control to achieve Holistic Risk Management.

#4 Management Functions must work together like Football Team-Members, to Co-Create Values. Each Management Function is just like a football team-player, responsible for specialized duties. When a team-player is in control of a football, all other members will render their support for winning a Match.


#5 HAFA is an Action Planning Approach. In order to make it effective, Action Goals (Strategic Goals) have to be pre-decided. Management Functions should be working together to complete Tactical Objectives focusing at the achievement of these Action Goals (Strategic Goals).

#6 Management Functions embedded in a Cross-Functional Structure, co-create Values. Management Functions set their Tactical Objectives to focus at the Completion of Strategic Goals, just like Amplifiers collect sunbeams to focus at particular points.


#7 Management Functions' Strategic Goals are managed by themselves. HAFA provides a Mechanism to control their Operations. In order to achieve such a complicated Action-Focus Structure, a Holistic Action Management System (HAMS) has been developed, aiming at enhancement of capabilities of Organizational Management (see below: Business Growth & Development.).

#8 Management systems and practices not of a Holistic Action Nature, become Sources of Risk and Crisis. "The Blind People and the Elephant" style of management is a common syndrome producing "Blind-Spots" in Organizational Management Systems. "Blind Spots" are Time Bombs in Internal Control Environments, Management Systems, Strategic and Operational Decisions.

Leaders may not be Experts in all Management Functions. How they can effectively conduct their Team Management?

The Success of Leaders depends on the Decisions they have made during the planning of Strategies.

HAFA is the most appropriate mechanism and framework to enhance Leadership Performanc.

Any Leader can understand and use HAFA, because it only asks Leaders to "Take the Right Action!”.

The main Function of HAFA is Holistic Strategy Planning which is the Action Plan to support "Take the Right Action!”

Functional Management Reporting in HAFA
Decision-Making in choosing the right Strategic Goals and their supporting Tactical Objectives is a Process of Values-Co-Creation of the Team Members. This Process will automatically produce the effects of Knowledge Management, System Thinking and Organization Learning as well as Independent Innovation. Just do it and you will find out the real meaning behind Teamwork!

After decisions are made, each Management Function should submit Reports covering items including:

(1) Why the Strategic Goals are chosen and the supportive Tactical Objectives are selected?
(2) When will the Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives be completed?
(3) Where will these Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives be achieved?
(4) What are the contributions of each Management Function to these Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives?
(5) Who will be responsible for the execution of these Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives?
(6) How will the Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives be achieved?
(7) How to monitor and measure the progresses related to the achievement of these Strategic Goals and supportive Tactical Objectives?
(8) What kinds of Values are expected to be co-created by the co-operations of the Management Functions working together as a Team?
(9) What items are the results of independent innovation co-created by the Team?
(10) What kinds of new Knowledge they have discovered during the process of establishing the Strategic Goals as well as Tactical Objectives?
(11) What external sources of information and knowledge they have obtained, such as surveys, professional consultations, or people representing various social groups?
(12) Should mistakes be identified at a later stage or during the execution of the schemes decided, or wrong judgment or decisions are discovered, are there any ways to correct them and to take preventive actions?
(13) Have the Team members possessed a Culture of Standardization in the performance of their duties including topics of
1/ Holistic and Effective Management;
2/ Risk Management:
3/ Knowledge Management:
4/ Independent Innovation Management: and
5/ Globalization Management.

HAFA To Support Holistic Budgetary Control
Budget is common tool in Management, especially in the Management of a Corporation.
Budget is like Feasibility Study, Project Management Proposal, and reflects the Ability of Performance of Management.
Functional Management Reporting can be used to support Budgetary Control.

Actual Performance compares to Strategic Plans, Tactical Plans, and Execution Plans will reflect the Management Functions' Capabilities.

Customers Participation
Enterprises are responsible to manage their business operations, rendering products and services to their Customers. Customer Participation is most important in the management of any business. An Enterprise, if not able to co-create values with Customers, is doomed to failure.

Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach (AEAA)
Management Functions should be familiarized themselves with Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach (AEAA) which will be provided by our Group upon request.

Busines growth & Development

One of the main tasks of the Leaders is to accelerate Profit Growth, to promote Business Development.
How Leaders can achieve Sustainable Profit Growth?

Our Action Strategic Advice:

(1) Promotion of Enterprises Upgrading;
(2) Development of Standardization Culture;
(3) Internationalization;
(4) Promotion of Business Transformation;
(5) Globalization.

One-stop Enterprise Upgrading Service (OEUS)
OEUS is designed for Enterprise Upgrading.
OEUS being a set of streamlined processes, provides enterprises with guidelines to practice Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach (AEAA).
Practicing AEAA, enterprises can immediately develop Culture of Standardization.
Culture of Standardization can pave the way for enterprises to upgrade themselves and develop the ability and capability to meet Internationalization requirements..
In the next stage, enterprises will experience Transformation processes to achieve Globalization.

Boost Export - to support Business Growth
OEUS in a very short time can help enterprises to achieve Internationalization. Enterprises can improve and upgrade the Standards of Products and Services to meet the requirements of International Standardization. Owing to Products and Services are being accepted internationally, an Enterprise's Exports can be boosted.

Holistic Action Management System (HAMS)
Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach integrated into Holistic Action-Focused Approach can be evolved to become a Holistic Action Management System.
(In simplified terms, AEAA integrated into HAFA will be evolved to become HAMS.)

Advantages of HAMS
Investment Promotion and Capital Attraction
HAMS can be used to upgrade Investment Project Structure to attract Overseas Capital, to promote Investment and to attract Joint-Venture Partners from Overseas.

Enhancement of Corporate Finance Capability
HAMS can help Corporations to establish Corporate Finance Systems to attract Investment Funds, to borrow from Financial Institutions, to attract Strategic Investors and to manage IPO.

Retaining Talents and Attraction of Talents
Only Enterprises possessing Effective and Modernized Business Management Systems can retain and attract Talents.



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