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Globalization Processes & Economic Competitiveness

Sail Against The Current

In 21st Century, we are just like people on boats sailing against the current!
Be Successful or fail!
This fact applies to countries and cities, enterprises of all sizes, as well as everyone!
In modern terms, success means riches.
We will not argue with anyone about this. Our Site is established for those who agree and accept our point.
We come here to tell people how to strengthen their Economic Competitiveness, Earning Power and Wealth-Creation Ability.
What we do is quite simple, but most effective.
We guide, train, educate, coach people(Individuals and Groups) how to strengthen their Wealth-Creation Ability. This, of course, will have very positive impact to the Earning Power of Enterprises. The more successful Enterprises in a country, the stronger will be the Economic Competitiveness of this country.
When we talk about Earning Power, it will include Wealth-Creation Ability.
When we talk about Economic Competitiveness, it will include Earning Power and Wealth-Creation Ability.
We achieve our purposes by consulting people how to be a strategically smarter thinkers and how to produce effective results of what they are doing.
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We believe all Individuals, Top Management of Enterprises. Leaders of Cities and Countries are entitled to know and be familiarized themselves with our Mechanism of how to achieve and strengthen their Wealth-Creation Ability, Earning Power as well as Economic Competitiveness!

The following is one of our Strategic Approaches concerning Globalization Process, and it demonstrates one of the many Methodologies of how to enhance Earning Power, Wealth-Creation Ability as well as Economic Competitiveness:

Globalization Processes & Economic Competitiveness
Capability Enhancement  
*  Value-Co-Creation
Upgrading  *  Transformation
Independent Innovation  *  Globalization

Capability Enhancement & Value-Co-Creation
How can Organizations or Enterprises upgrade themselves to overcome market changes ?
How can Organizations or Enterprises achieve Transformation to overcome market competitions?
First, they have to learn how to enhance their capabilities.
How to enhance capabilities of Organizations or Enterprises?
Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach (AEAA) and Value Co-Creation (VCC) are the Solutions.

Upgrading & Transformation
As soon as Organizations or Enterprises have enhanced their capabilities, and been able to achieve Value-Co-Creation both internally and externally, they will possess the capabilities to upgrade themselves and even be able to achieve their Strategies of Transformation.

Independent Innovation & Globalization
Processes of Value Co-Creation will result in Independent Innovation.
Independent Innovation will upgrade the market status of Organizations or Enterprises and make them more competitive in the market place.
AEAA (Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach)will help Organizations or Enterprises to develop a Culture of Standardization.
Together with Independent Innovation, AEAA will pave the way for Organizations or Enterprises to achieve Globalization.

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