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Innovation Mechanism for Sustainable Success
Application Demonstration

(Note1: Our main purposes are guiding our clients to enshance their
Wealth-Creation Ability,
Earning Power and
Economic Competitiveness!)

(Note2: This is only a Demonstratiion or Examples.
We will tailor Effective Innovationl Meachanism for each client
for the strengthening of Earning Power,
Eeonomic Competitiveness and Wealth-Creation Ability!)

(Note3: As this article has been written in technical terms,
if you have an questions, please keep in touch with us!

Holistic Action-Focused Approach (HAFA)

HAFA is a Three Dimensions Dynamic Framework Mechanism (3DDFM) , in which a Learning Organization can be developed and then operate seamlessly, producing the effects of systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision, team learning, strategic thinking with leadership quotient (the success secret of most successful leaders), knowledge management, holistic risk management, effective strategic human resources management, resources optimization management, information technology assessment for effectivenss, independent innovation, effective management for business system upgrading & transformation. It is, in fact, an effective Mechanism to supp[ort the sustainable success in the enhancement of Earning Power, Wealth-Creation Ability and Economic Competitiveness, as well as Value Creation and Co-Creation!

For easy demonstration, we let you view only its two dimensions (2D) dynamic surface. 

It is also an Action Knowledge Management Mechanism, to develop Holistic Enterprise Risk Management Systems (which is an Enterprise Holistic Internal Control Dynamic Framework), to construct Organizational Knowledge Mining Systems and to become a Dynamic and Holistic Strategic Management Decision-Making Framework.

Moreover, 3DDFM is actually an Independent Innovation Mechanism, which is excellent in the generation of comprehensive and unique Innovative Ideas.

Furthermore, 3DDFM is a Management Platform to support Upgrading, Transformation and Optimization of Business and Management Software Systems. These Business and Management Systems include MIS (Management Information Systems), Management Accounting Reporting Systems, Business I.T. Systems, Data Mining Systems, ERP, CRM, Financial Control Systems, and other Business-related & Organizational Management Technology Systems.

3DDFM is one of the important Mechanism to support Business Intelligence (B.I.) Systems Development and Implementation.

One of the most important Applications of HAFA is that it provides an Dynamic and Holistic Strategic Management Decision-Making Framework. for Top and other Management Functions Leaders (or the C-Suite Executives ) to make Strategic Management Decisions. This Framework is dynamic, holistic, easy to apply, transparent, traceable, measurable and far from theoretical! It strengthens Leaders' Strategic Thinking Ability, and helps to enhance their Leadership Quotient (LQ). LQ is assessed by the number of right and wrong decisions made. Lee Ka Shing and Bill Gate did not complete their formal Education, but are both very successful Business Leaders, because they possess very strong Leadership Quotient, as evidenced by their Achievements in their careers!


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