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(Note1: you sudy the following example, because we want to learn more about how to enhance Economic Competitiveness, Earning Power and Wealth-Creation Ability, in a Professional and Pragmatic mannerear.)
(Note2: the subject is rather complicated, because it involves over 40 years of studies from actual cases.)
(Note3: No case references are listed here, due to obvious reasons. Those who would like to know more may keep in touch with us.)

Holistic Action-Focused Approach (HAFA)
Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach  (AEAA)
Holistic Achievement Management System   (HAMS)
TOp Management Function
Business Execution Management Function
Finance Management Function
Assessment Management Function
Information Management Function
Resources Management Function


HAFA (Holistic Action-Focused Approach) is a Holistic Action (Operation) Approach, therefore, at the same time, we execute all the Management Functions, to achieve strategically selected goals and objectives.

AEAA (Action Effectiveness Assurance Approach) is an Approach built in HAFA. Action Effectiveness has always been an essentially required element in all Organization Management Systems or Achievement Management Approaches. Stock Exchanges, Sponsors, Investment & Commercial Banks and other Financial & Investment Institutions always ask Corporations to provide evidences to confirm that their Internal Control Systems or Enterprise Risk Management Systems are Effectively Managed (that the Execution of Management is effective and the strategically selected goals are therefore effectively achieved.).

HAFA is a extremely important Approach in Organization Management. When it is put into practice, AEAA will be applied simultaneously. Once working with AEAA, HAFA will be upgraded to become HAMS (Holistic Achievement Management System). HAMS will be streamlined and becomes effective! 

HAMS can be applied as a Dynamic & Holistic Achievement Management Strategic Decision-Making Framework Mechanism. It is composed of 6 Management Functions (or Tactical Functions). HAMS can ensure that these 6 Management Functions can be seamlessly operating in one Framework Mechanism. Management Functions other than these 6 Management Functions, if any, can be incorporated to this Core Framework Mechanism, but only if it is really necessary. It is highly recommended that other Management Functions would be placed under one of these 6 Core Management Functions.

TOp Management Function
Top Management participation is a must in HAMS. In fact, HAMS is managed by Top Management, which, in fact, is Leader of the System.
Please refer to Enterprise, Government Organization, and Individual for more detailed information.
We will present talks, Courses and Training Programs concerning HAMS. Here, we tell readers the essential parts of the work of this System.
In HAMS, Top Management Function's main responsibilities are Strategy Decision-Making and Control, supported by the other 5 Management Functions.
In HAMS, one of the important task of Top Management is to review whether Values are Co-Created by the Team of 6 Management Functions, and at the same time, be able to identify those Processes which are of no Value or Negative Value. In this respect, HAMS provides Top Management
with realistic and pragmatic methodologies to ensure Value-Co-Created Tactical Objectives can be effectively achieved to support the completion of the Organizational Strategic Goals.
Top Management in HAMS acts as the
Control Center of System Thinking of an Learning Organization.
Independent Innovation, Enterprise Self-Learning, Corporate Self-Assessment, Value Co-Creation, Social Responsibility and Holistic Risk Management are some of the Core Values which are built-in HAMS.

Business Execution Management Function
Business Execution Management Function is to achieve the Strategic Goals (of Top Of Management) and Tactical Objectives (of its own).
One important duty of Business Management Function is Marketing. Practicing Marketing in HAMS, people will discover the Power of Independent Innovation and Knowledge Management in the full extent. They will be able to fully understand the true meaning of Marketing, that is to create values together with all other Management Functions.
Internal and external Values Co-Creation is, therefore, one of the main tasks of Business Execution Management Function.
Nowadays, there is an obvious division between the Fast-Growing and Fading-Away Enterprises. The former are Independent Innovative and Value-Co-Creative, but the latter are not.
Our Holistic Action-Focused Management Approach can help Enterprises to develop INDEPENDENT INNOVATION ABILITY which is the KEY of Sustainable Success in Business Execution Management.

Finance Management Function
Finance Management Function, if not working in a Management System similar to HAMS, will be filled with Blind Spots, and become very difficult to raise funds or attract investments, and will be very risky to the enterprise.
One major duty of Finance Management is to ensure that it can function to co-create values with all the other functions, otherwise it means that it is not working properly.
In HAMS, Innovative Finance Management exists.
Finance Management is a very wide range Subject. We feel that we have a Responsibility to let everyone know How to build an Effective Finance Management System so as to meet the Financial Needs of the Enterprises as well as the Requirements and Criteria of the Lenders and Investors. Owing to our wide Connections and deep Experiences in Finance Management, we are ready to provide to all Large, Medium or Small Enterprises Value-Focused Solutions to meet their Finance and Investment Needs.

Assessment Management Function
This is a daily operational Function built in HAMS. Its main task is to apply AEAA to perform the Assessment Duties.
Organizations, Government or Enterprise, always place this Function at the end of the Management Processes, and therefore, cannot be sure of the Effectiveness of their Management Systems.
In HAMS, Assessment Management Function operates 24 hours a day, and co-creates Values with all the other Management Functions.
In HAMS, Assessment Management Function also evaluate and confirm the actual Value of the Organization or Enterprise.
In SUN TZU 孫子兵法 (the Art of War), the most popular phrase is: "Only after Assessment that they shall "WIN" the battle or war, then, the Victorious Army will declare War!”.
After Assessment, we make Decision. After Decision, we take Action to achieve Goals and Objectives. Wrong Assessment produces Wrong Decision which produces Failure. Sometimes, this important Assessment Function is delegated to the Wrong Level or Management Personnel of less competence, causing Fatal Consequences and Business Failures.
Assessment Management is a Core-Value-Creation Function, which adds value to other Management Functions. If you are not aware of this Fact, please look for solution!

Information Management Function
HAMS works in a 3 Dimensions Dynamic Framework Mechanism (3DDFM), Information Management becomes equally important in HAMS as the other Management Functions. A strong Information (and Communication) System will surely be a strong Value-Co-Creation Mechanism.
Information Systems can function more effectively if they are more closely linked with Routine Work.
In War or Business, we take action according to Action Plans (Achievement Strategies with Tactics) instead of Theoretical Plans. Data collected produce Information which is the source of Knowledge. Independent Innovation, being transformed from Knowledge integrated with Experiences, is the Key Element for Formulation of Achievement Strategies. Information Technology (I.T.) is one of the modernized methodologies to support Information Management, which is also responsible for Communication Function. Although Holistic Real Time I.T. System with Searching Function is the most up-to-date Feature, yet any form of Information Management Approach would be important as long as it is appropriate to the Enterprise.
Nowadays, Enterprises without an Effective Information Management Function will be fading away! The reason is Sustainable Sucess of 21st Century Enterprises depend more on Intangible Assets than Tangible Assets. Intangible Assets are composed of Knowledge and Information.

Resources Management Function
Resources Sharing is a Vital Element in the Success of the Modern Organizations, Governments and Enterprises.
No matter in the Internal or External Environments, Resources Management Function always plays an important Role in HAMS or any other Modern Management Systems.
Strategic Human Resources Management is one of its important Sub-Functions. HAMS helps Leaders and Chief Executives to ensure that Strategic Human Resources Management is effectively performed by matching the recruitment requirements with the Holistic Achievement Management Strategic Decisions.
Assets Management can also be grouped under this Management Function under HAMS and be benefited by its Value-Co-Creation Approach.
Effective Resources Management Function ensures Available Resources are linked more directly to Strategic Goals and Tactical Objectives of an Enterprise to produce Optimization Effect for Achievement of Business Opportunities.
The Close Connection of Resources Management Function to other Management Functions will facilitate Independent Innovative Ideas, Proposals, Projects and Business Plans, ensuring Sustainable Success of the Organizations.



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